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Hyperthyroidism – New Treatment Options for an Old Condition

May 29, 2012

Hyperthyroidism is a relatively common condition in middle to older aged cats. It is due to an overactive thyroid gland that causes an increase in the rate of metabolism. This can cause weight loss, a ravenous appetite, poor coat, excitability, increased blood pressure and can lead to heart and kidney problems.

Recently the possible ways we can treat hyperthyroidism have been improved by both a new tablet treatment and a new food.

New tablet – historically tablet treatment for hyperthyroidism was given in the morning and at night and sometimes in severe cases a third daily dose or more than one tablet at a time where needed.
The new tablet treatment is given once daily with or without food and has different strengths for different severity of disease.

New Food – A new food has been developed which limits dietary iodine that is needed to make the overactive thyroid hormone. This food is a complete food and needs to be the only food fed to the cat. The majority of hyperthyroid cats can be managed with this food.

With both of these new treatment options we can now tailor a user friendly treatment plan that suits both you and your cat.