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Introducing myRover, FREE and online now!

September 30, 2019

Where’s my pet’s vaccination card?

You’ve received your reminder to say Fluffy is due a health check and vaccination, you’ve booked an appointment, got off work early, caught Fluffy, put her in the cage but……
Where is the vaccination card?……….
You are not alone in this battle.  We understand there are many factors that go into getting your pets safely to the vet, and the vaccination card just slips your mind, has grown legs and hidden itself since last year, or even more of a disaster it was the dog’s chew toy.

Introducing myRover, a new FREE online vaccination record that keeps this valuable information in a safe place accessible by yourself, your vet and your kennels, cattery or pet daycare to name but a few.

myRover provides owners with relevant information about their pets in one easily accessible secure cloud-based location.  Being based in the cloud means that owners or vets can access their information from any device or browser.  It also means a vet can update a pet’s record at any time.

Matamata Veterinary Services is one of the first clinics in New Zealand to sign up to this service as we can see the value it will provide to you and your pets.

Have a look now at   It’s very easy to register an account and load your pets before your next vaccination visit, but we are more than happy to help you in clinic if you require a