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Is this cough a problem?

March 4, 2016

It is normal for your dog to cough every now and then, but if they do it a lot, or can’t seem to stop, you may have a sick pet that needs treatment.

Coughing can be caused by irritants, bacteria or viruses to the nose or throat, but can also be caused by problems with the heart or lungs, so must not be taken lightly.

As dogs are social creatures that naturally sniff, lick and eat anything, bacteria and viruses (including a canine form of the flu) quickly spread from dog to dog. Germs can also land on floors, furniture, food bowls, toys and other surfaces where the next dog to come along picks them up. These viruses can cause a very irritating cough that can persist for days to weeks and in some animals, can spread to pneumonia. These viruses and bacteria are extremely contagious.

Diseases affecting the lungs can also cause coughing, either a wet moist cough or a dry hacking cough. Bacterial pneumonia, bronchitis, heart disease, foreign objects in the airways, asthma and abnormal growths can all be causes of coughing.

As you can see, there is a range of coughing causes. Sometimes a clinical exam is enough to allow us to treat your pet, but sometimes we need other diagnostics such as x-rays, or sample from the lungs, to help us determine the cause.

If you have doubts about the health of your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 888 8197. If your pet is off colour and depressed with a cough then it is especially important to call us for advice.