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Is your pet a little plump around the edges?

March 10, 2021

Can you feel your pet’s ribs easily?
Do they have a waistline?
Do they have a distended abdomen?If you answer no to any of these questions, chances are your furry friend may need a little help to return to a healthy body weight.
40% of dogs and 30% of cats in New Zealand are classed as overweight so you are not alone in this battle.
* 83% of overweight dogs will have degenerative joint disease by 6 years of age. Compare this to a lean dog that will have signs of degenerative joint disease by 12 years of age.
* Obese cats are;
  • 4 x more likely to develop diabetes mellitus.
  • 5 x more likely to develop painful osteoarthritis.
  • 2.5 x more likely to develop lower urinary tract problems such as painful cystitis.

Helping your pet get back to a healthy weight is not as simple as just reducing the amount of food you are giving your pet.  This makes them hungry and ask for even more food and effects the nutrient balance.When people want to lose weight, they usually do so by eating healthy food in the right amounts. The same is true for our pets. They need a specific diet to help them lose weight without losing out on the essential nutrients they require for good health.

We would love to help you get your pet back to a healthy weight. Join us this March and April in our pet weight loss challenge as we help you to help your pet.


Book a nutritional consult with one of our vets this March or April and you will receive:

  • A general health check for fitness to begin their weight loss journey.
  • A plan for healthy weight loss and goal.
  • All nutritional consults in the month of March and April enter the draw to win a $100 MVS voucher.
  • Discounts – 2 x $20 off vouchers for Hills Metabolic weight loss food (bag size 1.5kg and over).
  • FREE weigh ins with the nurses.
  • Entry into the Hill’s – “Feed the love – lose the weight competition”

Photo cred: I-stock