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December 16, 2012

 Summer has arrived, which means holidays at the beach and catching up with friends and family over the holiday period. When travelling away from home there is plenty to remember and one of the most essential is ensuring the safe care of your pets.

Whether your four-legged friends join you on holiday or are cared for by others, there are a few important things to remember.

“Many people choose to use the great services offered by boarding kennels and catteries while they are away, so their pets are in a protected environment with someone to care for them. It is important to ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date and any special requirements are discussed well before pets go in for boarding” said Dr Nigel Kittow from Matamata Vet Services.

Your friendly neighbour or friend may be available to come and feed your pets while you are on holiday. This is okay for a short time, but not ideal for an extended period.

 Some people wish to take their pets on their travels, but there are a few potential hazards to be managed. Dr Nigel Kittow recommends:

 Safety in vehicles

All cats and ideally small dogs should travel in cages, as they can cause serious danger around the driver’s feet and risk escaping when doors are opened.

Large dogs should be restrained to protect both them and passengers. Seat belt attachments are available to purchase from Matamata Vets.

 Hydration and break time

Travel with a bowl, water and a lead.

When you stop for a break put your dog on a lead and never let them out on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

 Never leave pets in cars

Every year many pets die from heat exhaustion after being left inside vehicles. It is very dangerous to leave animals in vehicles even on an overcast day. Heat exhaustion can overcome the animals in a matter of minutes. Dog breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs are especially vulnerable”.

Keep an eye on wanderers

Ensure pets are well named with tags/collars or ideally a microchip. Microchips are available for cats and dogs and are registered on a national database. They are an invaluable tool we have to ensure owners and pets are reunited.

 “Have piece of mind this summer by knowing that your pets are safe and well taken care of. Enjoy the holidays”, adds Dr Kittow.