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Keeping children safe around dogs

September 29, 2016

With spring on our doorstep and some finer weather creeping in, we are all starting to get out and about more with our children and our pets.

Here are some safety tips to keep children safe around dogs:

  • Check it’s sweet before your meet!

Before going up to a dog, ask permission from the owner who can tell you if their dog is friendly or not.

  • To understand, they sniff your hand!

When meeting a dog let it sniff the back of your hand, as dogs use their noses to check you out and become your friend. You can then stroke either the chin, chest or shoulders.

  • If a dog has a snack – keep well back!

Dog’s like to protect their food and may think you are trying to take their food if you go to pat them.

  • Don’t run and shout – it freaks us out!

If you shout or run, a dog might chase or attack you. Playing fetch or obedience games with your dog is better than playing chase or tug of war games.

  • Quiet and slow is the way to go!

If you are scared of a dog, move quietly and slowly away from it. Don’t run. Stand like a tree – stand still, look at your feet and keep your arms in front of you. Don’t scream or shout. Walk away quietly and slowly.


Stay safe.