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Patient: Biscuit

July 12, 2021

Biscuit the Guinea Pig came in to see us because her belly had swollen up very quickly and felt very full. An ultrasound examination showed us that Biscuit had two large fluid filled cysts in her tummy, right beside her kidneys. These cysts were ovarian cysts. Approximately 80% of female guinea pigs (called sows) older than a year have ovarian cysts. They can become quite large and cause discomfort by putting pressure on nearby organs. Some sows develop hair loss and uterine infections when they develop cysts due to hormone changes.

The cysts can be reduced in size by draining them, but they will regrow again quite quickly. The most effective treatment is to remove them, which is done by ovariohysterectomy (spay surgery).

Biscuit has recovered well from her surgery and is now back to her normal size!