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Patient : Max

June 13, 2023

Max is a 5 year old Jack Russell Cross dog. Max had a build-up of dental tartar on his teeth and it was recommended, due to the development of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and halitosis, that a dental cleaning procedure be performed.
Max gets quite nervous at the vets, so as soon as he arrived we gave him some medication to help him relax. As we were getting him ready for his dental cleaning and anaesthetic, he climbed into Dr. Kylies lap for cuddles.
As you can see, the cleaning procedure made a huge difference to the gingivitis and removed all the tartar from his teeth.
After a dental cleaning procedure, we recommend tooth brushing, dental diets and dental chews to help reduce the tartar build up. It is imperative to continue these methods at home because bacteria build up on the teeth within 30 minutes of a dental cleaning procedure.
Keeping on top of your animal’s dental health will help to prevent tooth loss, pain in the mouth, heart disease and halitosis.
Please call the clinic if you wish to book your animal in for a dental check-up.