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Patient: Nellie

August 16, 2020

Nellie came to visit us for a check over because she had suddenly started gagging and regurgitating her food. She still seemed hungry to eat, but couldn’t keep even small amounts of food down!
Our examination and her symptoms made us suspicious of something affecting the back of the throat (the pharynx) – this could be inflammation, a polyp, a foreign body, or even a tumour, given that Nellie was an elderly cat. To see that far into her mouth and over the back of the tongue, we would need to sedate her.
Under sedation, we were able to see into the back of Nellie’s mouth, and were amazed to see the cause of Nellie’s problems- a large piece of bone, which had firmly wedged itself in her pharynx! It was a 3cm long V-shaped piece of bone Nellie had probably scavenged. This is a large bone for a small cat’s mouth!
To remove the bone, we needed to cut it into two pieces. Luckily for Nellie, it was then easy to remove, and there was only a small amount of damage where it had been wedged. We gave an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory pain relief to help with healing.
Nellie recovered from her sedation and once she figured out she could eat- and swallow! – again, she was a happy camper and is now back to her normal self.