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Patient Pablo

August 15, 2022

Cute little Pablo came into the clinic for a checkup as he had suddenly started a hacking cough and clearing his throat.

These symptoms can be due to many different things. Pablo had not responded to anti-inflammatory medication prescribed, so we decided to do a little more investigation and gave Pablo a short general anesthetic. This allowed us to have a close look at the back of the throat and a little way into the nasopharynx (where the back of the nasal passages joins to the back of the throat). Using a retractor, we could look a little way behind the soft palate and noticed a tip of a grass blade peeking out!

We were able to remove the grass blade gently – it was much larger than expected. Such a long blade of grass hiding in the nasopharynx of a tiny puppy- no wonder he was coughing and snorting!

Foreign material becoming stuck in the nasopharynx can sometimes happen- a pet may eat then vomit grass or insects, which then get stuck behind the soft palate rather than coming out of the mouth. Symptoms can include retching, gagging, or coughing. Sometimes the symptoms are more noticeable when the pet is eating and swallowing.

We can often find the foreign material by having a look right at the back of the mouth under general anesthesia. Sometimes more advanced imaging such as endoscopy (using a little camera) or a CT scan to look deeper into the nasopharynx is required.

Have a look through the photos to see the blade of grass in the mouth and its size when removed.

For those interested, Pablo’s breed is a Griffon.