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Patient: Polly

July 24, 2023

Polly is a 4 month old “Polydactyl” kitten. Polydactyl meaning she has extra toes (4 extra toes in total).
Polly was brought into MVS for a routine spey surgery (desexing).
She was weighed and health checked before being placed into a warm cage with a catnip mouse (the catnip can help calm our feline patients).
Polly was first given a small injection under the skin to relax her and provide some pain relief for her surgery. She was then anaesthetised with an injection into her vein by Dr Susan and nurse Paris.
Polly was kept anaesthetised via an endotracheal tube that was placed down the back of her throat into her trachea. This was attached to the anaesthetic machine and enabled the anaesthetic and oxygen to pass into her lungs.
Her tummy was then clipped in preparation for surgery. Dr Susan prepped herself for surgery by scrubbing her hands and arms with special chlorhexidine scrub, she also had a surgical cap, mask and gown – this is to ensure sterility in surgery. Nurse Paris cleaned the shaved area of Polly’s tummy, then transferred her to the surgical suite where she had a sterile surgical clean.
Once all the preparations were completed a sterilised drape (with a hole in the middle of it) was placed over Polly’s abdomen. Sterilised instruments were opened and laid out by Dr Susan who then performed the spey surgery. Nurse Paris monitored Polly’s anaesthetic during surgery. Once surgery was completed, Polly was woken up and transferred to recovery where she was continued to be kept warm and monitored. Polly was given an injection of pain relief and discharged later in the day with some more pain relief to go home with for the next 3 days.
Polly recovered well and was back home hanging out with her best 4-legged canine friend in no time🥰