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Patient: Romero

December 22, 2019

7 year old ‘Romero’ came to see us last month. He had been having difficulty eating for around 3 weeks! He had been choking and salivating, bringing up food and it looked like he was in pain every time he did manage to eat something.

Careful questioning and examination alerted us that Romero was actually regurgitating – when he brought up food, it was coming from his oesophagus – the tube that goes down to his stomach. Xrays and an ultrasound did not find any problems.

We were able to anaesthetise Romero and pass a special camera called an endoscope. With the endoscope we could see a large object wedged in his oesophagus and with careful manouvering were able to remove a large piece of bone!

Bones can have sharp and irregular edges and can get stuck anywhere along the way through the body – the throat, the oesophagus or along the intestines. This can lead to severe pain, vomiting, obstruction or constipation. Bones can also splinter and cause broken teeth and perforation to the intestines. Or just cause a tummy upset. Due to all these potential problems, at MVS we don’t recommend feeding bones. If you would like some advice around diet options or dental care, please get in touch with us for advice.

Poor Romero still had a rather sore throat for a few days, but with some special treatment he bounced back quickly and is back to his usual playful self!