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Patient: Wilson

May 17, 2021

Wilson is a very outgoing Burmese kitten who earlier in the year used up many of his nine lives when he decided that hiding under the car in the garage was a good idea.

He was presented to us in shock, having difficulty breathing, and with numerous injuries to his face. Initial stabilisation included oxygen supplementation, fluids for his shock, medications to help his brain swelling and some pretty good pain relief. Once the initial shock and pain was managed for Wilson we were able to take some x-rays. The x-rays showed he had numerous fractures to his skull and neck. However despite these injures Wilson was a trooper and by the end of the day was stronger, could hold his head up and take some weight on his legs. By the next morning we could determine he could see and hear and he even got up and walked to his Mum. We continued his pain relief and fluids and we started to syringe feed him. However by the next day we could tell by his weight loss that we couldn’t get enough nutrition into him by syringe feeding alone so it was decided a feeding tube placement was the best option for him. Over the next 3 days with a specific pain relief management plan, a lot of rest and TLC, Wilson became stronger and more coordinated with his walking and movements. After 3 days his Mum felt confident she could take him home and learnt to feed him through his feeding tube. She did an excellent job and within 6 days we could take the tube out as he was eating himself. The swelling in his face was much reduced and he was consistently gaining weight again.

Wilson hasn’t looked back since his accident and is growing into a very handsome boy.