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Pet Care with Dr Susan Murray

August 11, 2014

Pet Health Checks and Vaccinations

Preventing disease in our pets, or catching it early is far better than treating disease once it has progressed to a more severe stage.  Pet check-ups on a regular basis will help to improve health and reduce suffering for you and your pet.

Just as yearly physical exams are recommended for humans, they are recommended for our pets as well.

If your pet is elderly or has medical problems, they may require more frequent examinations.  A ‘senior’ cat or dog is approximately 10 years in age, but this is dependent on breed and species.  Cats and small to medium breed dogs aged 10 years are equivalent to 60 human years.  However large or giant breed dogs aged 10 years are equivalent to 65-80 human years and therefore are considered ‘senior’ earlier.

During examinations we will review your pet’s health, including dental health, ears and eyes, stomach and intestines, breathing, coat and skin, urinary and genital tract, feet and legs, exercise, nutrition, parasite control and vaccination needs.

When assessing the need to vaccinate we take into account previous vaccinations, the age and the associated risks for your pet in the environment they live in.

A dog or cat who lives inside with limited contact with other pets will require not only different vaccinations, but also different frequencies between vaccines, than a pet who interacts frequently with other pets and/or who boards at kennels and catteries.

At Matamata Veterinary Services we follow the World Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines to ensure we are providing up-to-date recommendations.