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Pet Health and Safety for the Summer Months

November 2, 2020

Here’s a few ideas on how to keep your pet healthy and safe as the warmer summer months approach:

Summer Temperatures

  • Your pets are vulnerable to heat stress when left in environments where they are unable to keep themselves cool. 
  • Ensure when you leave your pets alone they have shade and fresh water at all times.

Flea Treatments

As the weather warms up fleas, their larvae and eggs can survive outside.  This means more fleas hatching to jump onto your pets.  Ensure you flea treat regularly to avoid nasty skin problems and flea infestations in your house.


As we plan our summer holidays our pets can move into new and different areas they have not been before.  They may also come into contact with more and other pets (either in the kennels or away in new areas).  This increases the likelihood of contacting the diseases we vaccinate against, and makes it super important to make sure vaccinations are up to date.

Child Safety

With the holiday season comes social and family gatherings and increased likelihood of children and pets mingling.  This can increase the chance of children who are not used to pets or pets not used to children coming in contact with each other.  These situations are best avoided, please ensure your dog is kept away or closely supervised when children are around.

Photo cred: I-stock