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Pet Safe Summer

November 23, 2021

The start of summer is the perfect time to get a refresh on pet safety to protect your pets, your children and yourself whilst out in public.

Kids’ and dogs’ often meet at the park, out walking or at friends’ houses. To help reduce the likelihood of a dog snapping at or harming a child here are some dog safety tips to tell the kids:

  • Check it’s sweet before you meet!
  • To understand – they sniff your hand!
  • To meet a pup – ask a grown-up!
  • If a dog has a snack – keep well back!
  • Keep your face – out of their space!
  • Don’t run and shout – it freaks us out!
  • A dog is not a toy – don’t tease and annoy!
  • Quiet and slow – is the way to go!

Photo cred – i-stock