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Protect your pet from Heat Stroke this Summer

January 14, 2018

Summer has arrived in New Zealand and we couldn’t be happier! We all know how to be sun savvy so let’s apply that knowledge and keep our pets safe.

Heat Stroke (Hyperthermia)

Heat Stroke is a very real and life-threatening issue for your pet. Our pets overheat when panting and pad sweating can’t keep them cool enough, which can lead to organ malfunction or failure.

What signs to look for:

  • Panting & excessive drooling
  • Hot ears and paws
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Problems standing and walking
  • Collapse or seizure

How to avoid Heat Stroke:

  • Under no circumstances should pets be left in cars, even if the car is in the shade and windows are down
  • Exercise your pet early morning or late afternoon, avoiding direct sun during the day
  • Groom/de-mat long haired breeds to help keep them cool
  • Provide fresh water and shady areas for your pet to rest in
  • Keep white, or thin coated dogs/cats indoors and apply pet safe sunscreens if going outside

Flat faced (brachycephalic) breeds of dogs and cats are more susceptible to heat stroke, so be extra vigilant with these breeds.