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June 25, 2019

With winter comes an increased number of mice and rats trying to find warmth inside, and therefore an increased use of poisons to try to control these pesky creatures. Unfortunately dogs also seem to like to help themselves to these poisons leading to serious consequences and sometimes even death. Common brands include Talon, Storm, Pindone, Racumin, and Pest Off but there are many other generic brands.
Dogs poisoned with rat bait don’t tend to show signs till 3-5 days after ingesting the poison. Clinical signs can be very variable, usually starting off with a lethargic, depressed, quiet dog who may or may not eat food. Some times a soft cough can be heard, and gums begin to go pale. As more internal bleeding occurs more severe signs occur, the most common being an increased breathing rate leading to visibly difficult breathing.
If you suspect your dog has eaten rat bait, present him/her to a veterinary clinic as fast as possible to ensure the best outcome possible.