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Responsible Dog Breeding

November 12, 2021

Health testing before breeding dogs:
Breeding dogs has been a human passion for many hundreds of years, however it is not something to be taken lightly and much preparation is needed.
The goal of breeding must be to breed healthy pups. Every breed, and cross bred, has potential health issues that can be assessed in the parents, to give the pups the best opportunity to be as healthy as possible. These tests need to done months before you plan to breed in both the bitch and the proposed father.

Preparing for the pregnancy and whelping:
Having a litter of puppies can be very time consuming and expensive, but is also very rewarding. If complications occur with the birth or lactation, a caesarian can be required, and pups may need to be fed by you. This can be a full time job. We have information sheets to give you some helpful hints but we suggest you also do other research before you actually breed your bitch, to ensure you are well prepared.

Photo cred: istock