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Signs of a Sick or Injured Pet

July 17, 2015

From their days in the wild, pets have learned not to show weakness as predators choose the sick and the most vulnerable. They cover up any perceived areas of weakness by instinctively hiding their pain.

Pets have a very high pain threshold and don’t fake illness for sympathy. The signs that you normally apply to yourself or your children are good indicators for your pets as well.

Therefore detecting your pet is sick can mean noticing very subtle changes in behavior. These can include

  • Being quiet with decreased activity, possibly sleeping more, or hiding away
  • Reluctance to eat or eating less
  • Changes to drinking levels- either less or more
  • Changes to toileting behavior, increased frequency of urination, or diarrhoea
  • Scratching excessively, skin or hair loss
  • Stiffness, lameness or difficulty rising
  • Coughing or vomiting

If any of these signs occur for over 24hrs or you have concerns contact us, we are only too happy to offer advice.