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Skin Conditions in your Pet

March 7, 2013

This picture to the right is something that most pet owners will have seen time and again this summer. Skin conditions are a very common complaint for both dogs and cats. With the long hot summer we have had, we have seen a lot of itchy animals.

The number one culprit this summer has been fleas! Even animals that are receiving flea treatment have been having more problems than usual. Of the flea products available through the vet there is not one particular product that is more effective than another. These products are all very effective if used correctly. The main thing is to treat regularly (as per label instructions unless otherwise directed by your vet), to treat all animals in the household and to treat the environment. Treating the environment can be hardest of all especially if your cat or dog has a particular spot in the garden they like to lie. Areas where animals sleep or spend a lot of time lying are where the flea eggs hatch and where the animal can pick up new fleas. Even if you are treating them regularly, if there are a lot of fleas in the environment they will still become infested which is why treating the environment is key in flea control.

 Not every flea product is right for every cat or dog. The most appropriate product will depend on the age of your pet, whether they spend a lot of time in or around water and whether they are allergic to flea bites or not.  If you feel that your current flea product isn’t working as well as you would expect it to or you are confused about all the different products available, come in and talk to us and we will be able to help you choose the right product for your pet. At the same time we can help you decide if you need to treat the environment and which product is most suitable for this.

Not all itchy skin is caused by fleas. There are a large number of other conditions which cause itchy skin including a number of different allergic conditions which tend to be exacerbated in summer. If your dog or cat is itching despite good flea control it is a good idea to come in and see a vet. We will do a full clinical examination and further testing if needed and can help you figure out why your pet is scratching so much.