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Skin Problems In Your Pets

November 6, 2015

As the weather warms up we see many more pets with skin problems that can make them extremely uncomfortable. These problems can be seen just as an itchy pet, or you can see signs on the skin such as redness, rashes or infections.

There can be underlying issues such as allergies to things like pollen, grasses, plants, or dust mites. These types of allergies can be seasonal and need management to ensure that your pet is comfortable. Food allergies can also cause skin problems and are by far the most difficult to manage

The most common cause of an itchy dog is fleas, which can be treated with a variety of products. Take care however, to use a reputable product, as not all treatments are created equal. Sometimes you will also need to treat the environment to control fleas and there lifecycle. However some pets can be allergic to fleas, meaning that flea treatment alone will not settle the itch. Many of them will need veterinary care to calm the irritation.

Getting to the bottom of skin problems can be difficult but it is necessary to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible. Don’t leave your itchy pet too long before you seek assistance, please contact us and we can help you have a happy friend again.