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Slug Bait

July 26, 2021

Many times a year we are presented with pets that are suffering the effects of slug bait (metaldehyde) poisoning.

The initial signs you may see include:
🐾 Depression
🐾 Vomiting
🐾 Diarrhoea
🐾 Increased breathing and heart rate
🐾 Salivation
These signs can progress to muscle tremors and eventually convulsions. Without treatment it can lead to loss of consciousness and even death can occur.

Unfortunately there is no antidote. Treatment is aimed at getting the poison out of the body by inducing vomiting or stomach lavage. Then the tremors or convulsions need to be controlled which if severe require intensive hospitalisation. If you suspect your pet has consumed slug bait then getting them to the vet as soon as possible leads to the best outcome. There are pet friendly slug baits that do not contain metaldehyde which are said to be just as effective.

Photo cred: i-stock