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Sox bounces back from heart problems

November 28, 2011

Sox was in marked pain in his hind quarters and was barely able to drag his legs along behind him. His feet seemed pale and cold and he had a very rapid heart rate.

An unusual presentation of heart disease in cats is what is known as Aortic Thrombosis. We had real concern that this was the problem that Sox was suffering from. Cats get a degenerative problem with the muscle of the heart wall that results in changes to blood flows through the heart. Cats blood also clots very readily and the flow changes mean clots can form inside the atrium of the heart. While the clot is in the heart it causes little problem but in Soxs case it passed down the aorta and resulted in obstruction of blood flow to his hind legs.

An ultrasound examination of his heart showed severe dilation of the atria and other changes that were consistent with a diagnosis of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. We also did Electrocardiograph which showed only minor arrhythmia. While the heart disease had caused the nasty clot the heart itself was still functuioning reasonably well.

Many of these cases have a sad ending but Sox was very fortunate and his leg function rapidly improved. We are unable to fix his heart but we can use medication to try and stop a recurrence of the thrombosis. Hopefully he will cope with his dicky ticker”  and go on for many more years on the lifestyle block he calls home.