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The 12 Dangers of Christmas!

December 2, 2019

CHOCOLATE – Very toxic to dogs and cats.  Can cause signs ranging from vomiting and trembling to seizures and death.

CHRISTMAS PUDDING & MINCE PIES – Contain raisins which are toxic to dogs – kidney failure.

GRAPES – Also toxic, like raisins.

NUTS – Particularly Macadamia nuts.  Can be toxic in high doses.

ONIONS & GARLIC – Toxic and affects red blood cells.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH LEFTOVERS – Fatty foods like ham can cause tummy upsets and pancreatitis, spoiled foods cause tummy upsets or more serious illness.

COOKED BONES – Very brittle.  Best case – bad constipation.  Worst case – bone stuck in oesophagus or gut causing serious illness.

TREE DECORATIONS – Baubles and tinsel can cause intestinal obstruction.

CHRISTMAS TOYS – Small plastic pieces can be eaten, batteries can be highly toxic.

OTHER SWEETS & DESSERTS – Especially those with artificial or sugar free sweetener which is very toxic to dogs.


BBQ SCRAPS – Fatty ends are not good treats.  Keep skewers and meat packaging out of reach.