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Why should I vaccinate my cat?

March 25, 2021

Why should I vaccinate my cat?

We use vaccines to help prevent severe illness and even death due to certain contagious diseases.
The core vaccine that we use in our 4 legged feline friends covers 3 different diseases.

Panleukopenia : This severe and life threatening disease is similar to parvo in dogs causing severe gastrointestinal signs, weakness, inappetence, dehydration and in severe cases death. There is no cure so vaccination is very important.
Feline respiratory viruses -Herpevirus: Can cause watery eyes, eye ulcers, sneezing and oral ulcers. Herpesvirus can be very difficult to treat and control and your cat can carry the virus for their lifetime.
Calicivirus: Can cause watery eyes, sneezing, oral and eye ulcers. Can sometimes be very severe and there is no cure.

When your cat is a kitten they will need a series of vaccinations to provide protection from these illness’s. When they are an adult (with every annual health check) we will assess their environment and lifestyle, to decide the most ideal vaccination regime.

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