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Epididymal Sperm Success (again!)

April 15, 2016

We are very excited to share our recent success after TCI with epididymal sperm from ‘Teddy’ the Hungarian Vizla.

Dr Jasmin Hyatt performed two transcervical inseminations on ‘Minty’ using epididymal sperm from stud dog ,‘Teddy’. Teddy was over 8 years old and was unable to have ejaculated semen collected, so harvesting of epidiymal sperm was the only chance of continuing his valuable genetic lines. His older age negatively affected the quality of his epididymal sperm, however to the delight of her owner Minty conceived one pup after TCI with his frozen-thawed epididymal semen!

Here is Minty’s gorgeous pup, named ‘Qaali’, delivered by C section at Matamata Veterinary Services earlier this year. Her name means ‘Beyond Price’ in Somalian – a perfect name for this bundle of joy. Congratulations Minty!


Epididymal semen is collected directly from the testicle (or more accurately from the tail of the epididymis, which is where semen is stored prior to ejaculation). Epididymal sperm is considered ‘immature’, however it still has fertilising capability. The reported pregnancy rates after using ‘frozen-thawed’ epididymal sperm are not as high as with ejaculated frozen-thawed semen, but is similar to ejaculated frozen semen in that its success depends on the age of the dog when the semen is collected and the dog’s inherent fertility. If an ejaculate can be collected from a dog and then frozen, this is the preferred option. However there are many situations when this cannot occur, so collection of epididymal sperm after castration or sadly after a sudden or tragic death of a genetically and emotionally valuable dog.