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Dr Mary Ontiveros | BSc, DVM, Diplomate American College of Theriogenologists

November 26, 2011

Board Certified in Small Animal Reproduction

Mary joined MVS GlenBred in 2017 and has since become board-certified in reproduction as a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists.  Following in the footsteps of Dr. Fiona Hollinshead, Mary now heads the GlenBred reproduction team.  She enjoys cultivating relationships with clients to help create new generations of superior genetics and work through difficult infertility cases.

In her free time, Mary enjoys playing soccer, traveling, volunteering and hiking with her husband, Kiko.





Mary graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009 where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Spanish. During this time, she was an undergraduate researcher and research assistant in studying canine heartworm populations and ivermectin sensitivity in addition to assisting in other researchers’ projects. She was also a veterinary assistant at a local veterinary clinic, aiding in client communication, monitoring surgical procedures, and becoming well-rounded in her animal experience.

Following graduation from the University, Mary worked briefly at a humane society prior to traveling out Colorado, where she continued to gain more experience and began working under two board-certified Theriogenologists (specialists in reproduction). The first clinic was a mixed-practice and Mary gained exposure to horses, dogs, cattle, sheep and goats. At her next clinic, she went on to nurse under a small animal specialist. At this practice, she trained and assisted with management duties, consulted clients on reproductive concerns, assisted in reproductive procedures (such as transcervical insemination, semen collection and evaluation) and continued to do so after being accepted to veterinary school at Colorado State University (CSU).

During her time at Colorado State University, she was a student researcher and presented her research abstract at the 2015 Theriogenology Conference in San Antonio Texas. Her abstract was titled “Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) to determine sperm concentration: a comparison of slide preparation methods using the Hamilton-Thorne and Minitube systems.” She also maintained active involvement in the Theriogenology Club at CSU and the Society for Theriogenology. From 2014-2015, Mary was the Theriogenology Club Junior Representative where she organized wet labs and lectures to maintain student interest in the subject in addition to presenting puppy revival techniques to club members and at a breeder symposium later that same year.

After graduating from CSU, Mary completed an internship at a private practice of nine doctors where she diversified her skills as she practiced and learned multiple aspects of different specialties within veterinary medicine.  After her internship in Fort Collins, she was accepted for the Matamata Veterinary Services Theriogenology residency in preparation for her specialty reproduction boards exam through the American College of Theriogenologists. Her residency training program included training in various species (including small animals, horses, and cattle) and guidance from multiple reproduction specialists from New Zealand and the United States.  As part of Mary’s training, she spent time in the USA working with the Theriogenology departments of Colorado State and North Carolina State University Veterinary Schools. In 2018 at the EVSSAR (European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction) conference in Venice Italy, she presented on ““Factors influencing parentage ratio in canine dual-sired litters.” In 2018, she was a co-author on an article titled “Seminomas and an interstitial cell tumor in an 8-year-old male Husky” and in 2017, she co-wrote a workshop series on “Vaginal Cytology in the Bitch.” During Mary’s residency, she presented on neonatal resuscitation to fellow veterinarians, lectured on canine dystocia to new graduates, and wrote articles and newsletters to keep clients informed and up to date.

Having received invaluable training and experience under Fiona’s guidance, Mary is now proud to be leading GlenBred. Mary is looking forward to GlenBred’s bright future through continuing to develop relationships with clients. As part of GlenBred’s legacy, she will continue involvement in research and articles to advance knowledge and education in Theriogenology.