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Fiona’s Advice Saved Valuable Breeding Queen in the UK

April 15, 2016

GlenBred’s Reproduction Specialist Fiona Hollinshead’s advice saved valuable breeding queen in the UK.

Dei Amor Felini Bellezza (Bella), a blue shorthair Somali was born in Germany.

She was imported into the UK to increase the gene pool there since Bella has a diverse pedigree from all over Europe & Scandinavia. Bella had previously had one litter.

Bella settled very well into her new home in Somerset in the UK. However on evening of 18th August 2015 it was noticed that she had a yellowish vaginal discharge. She was taken to her local vet the following morning who suspected an open pyometra (an infection in her uterus) and advised desexing her immediately. Her owner refused to do this immediately and wanted to look into whether there were any other treatment options that would allow her to still breed in the future.

Her owner contacted her feline specialist friend in Australia, Dr Andrea Harvey who quickly found out the medical treatment details to try and save Bell’s breeding future. Thank fully Dr Fiona Hollinshead had written a recent article on the medical management of feline pyometra in CVE’s Control & Therapy, which Dr Richard Malik from CVE was able to quickly supply and email it to Bella’s owner and her local vets in the UK. Fiona was also contacted and very helpfully provided further advice along the way.

Bella’s local vets in the UK followed Fiona’s advised treatment protocol. Bella remained happy throughout the duration of her daily injections until the mucky vulval discharge had resolved.

Bella started calling on 20th Sept and was mated 3 times with a young silver boy Tajura Monte Amor. Ultrasound showed her uterus to be normal at this time.

There was very exciting news with Bella confirmed pregnant 3 weeks later. On the 23rd November she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens.

Bella’s owner was so grateful for the treatment advice from the other side of the world, that enabled Bella to have these kittens, that she named the kittens Andrea, Harvey, Fiona and Richard!