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Nigel Kittow | BVSc

November 26, 2013

Nigel graduated from Massey University, New Zealand and has been practicing for over 20 years. His first employment was in Kaitaia where he developed an interest in small animal medicine and surgery. Nigel since then worked extensively overseas especially in developing countries.
He supervised the transportation of yearling cattle into Java, Indonesia and he was the Resident Veterinary Surgeon in a dairy development project in Jamacia, W.I. During this time he lectured at the Jamaican College of Agriculture. This work in less developed countries has continued with Nigel contributing to the development of animal welfare programs in Bali, Indonesia and he was a key member of a Rabies Control Program in dogs on the ravaged east coast of Sri Lanka following the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami.

After joining Matamata Veterinary Services (MVS) as an associate in 1988, Nigel became a Director in 1991. He has developed what was a part-time small animal position into a team of four veterinarians. Nigel’s clinical workload focuses primarily on small animal medicine.

In 2004, Nigel headed the MVS team who took over the running of Glenbred from Dr Wilson. Nigel has developed considerable skill and experience in the technique of endoscopic transcervical insemination. Nigel’s primary focus is on excellence in the clinical care of small animal patients and has recently become an accredited PennHIP radiographer. However he also provides weekend and after hours support to GlenBred as well as managing GlenBred when Fiona is away.


After 26 years at Matamata Veterinary Services Nigel Kittow is packing his bags and heading abroad for some new adventures over the seas.

Nigel started with MVS in 1988, coming to Matamata with his wife Dorte.  They have brought up their 3 children in Matamata and have given immensely to the community.

While he has always been involved in small animal practice Nigel has been involved in dairy, equine, deer, and goat sectors.  His focus became small animal veterinary work and he has developed the small animal team to what we now know, including 4 vets and 4 nurses.

Nigel has a huge personality and has formed many relationships that are bound to follow him in his travels. We are all very sad to see him go but also understand that this is a natural progression for Nigel with his enthusiasm for life and a passion for adventure.