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Semen Freezing Opportunity Again at Sydney University

May 29, 2012

Fiona is heading to Sydney University in August to collect and freeze semen for the 4 days between the 20th-23rd August, 2012.

If any clients are wishing to freeze and import semen from stud dog(s) located in New South Wales please enquire at Matamata Vets.

All appointments need to be made by contacting Kristie or Lynne on 07 888 8197.

We will organise everything else for you including the appointment time at the University.

All collections will be carried out at The University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital which is conveniently located in central city Sydney:
Fiona is an adjunct senior lecturer and consultant at the University of Sydney Veterinary faculty.

Semen will be frozen by Fiona using the same state of the art techniques and extenders that are used at GlenBred in NZ.
GlenBred will handle the entire importation process for you – taking away all the hassle. This also means the semen will arrive in NZ very soon after collection. The cost of shipping will be significantly reduced by sharing costs with other semen owners also sharing the tank.