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Are your cows cycling?

October 6, 2020

With mating fast approaching it is vital that we identify which cows are and are not cycling.

How many cows have pre-mating heats?

Top NZ farmers will have 75% of cows recorded as having at least one heat 10 days prior to the PSM and 85% of cows showing heats before the PSM. By hitting these numbers, we can ensure we have a Submission Rate of 90% after 3 weeks, which helps ensure we hit those Incalf targets.

What can I do if my cows aren’t cycling?

Your options are limited by the time we are about to start mating. Options like once-a-day milking and better feeding all take time (generally more than a month) to have a significant benefit.

Treating your non-cyclers with CIDRs does give you significant gains in earlier Conception Rates (up to 19 days) and can allow treated cows more opportunities to be mated. The earlier these animals are identified, the better the Return on Investment is, as cows that get in calf earlier = more days in milk.

If you are seeing less cow activity than you’d like, please call us to discuss your options.