Equine Referrals

MVS Equine offers a full range of referral services. Our veterinarians are available for consultation anytime by contacting the clinic and our staff includes registered specialists in the fields of reproduction and surgery, in addition to vets with expertise in the areas of racetrack, sporthorse and stud medicine.

Our hospital team provides round the clock intensive care and surgical services for both client and referral cases.

The surgical team offers a complete range of elective and emergency surgery including:

  • colic and soft tissue surgery
  • arthroscopy
  • orthopaedics
  • laparoscopy
  • Regenerative Medicine (Bone Marrow Stem Cells, PrP, IRAP)

The Advanced Equine Reproduction team offers a complete range of mare and stallion reproduction services. (Go to website)

These include:

  • Mare infertility diagnosis and treatments
  • Management of “high risk” pregnancies
  • Management of mares with a history of pregnancy loss or abortion
  • Reproductive tract surgery
  • Foetal sex determination
  • Stallion infertility diagnosis and treatments
  • Mare and stallion pre-purchase breeding soundness examinations