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Mycoplasma bovis update

May 15, 2018

We are now fielding many inquiries into this developing situation in New Zealand. People are seeking information on the testing of cattle that are moving from farm to farm.

The facts are:

  • M.bovis testing is NOT simple.
  • Currently the diagnostic labs are struggling to develop an accurate and routinely reliable test. Rest assured work is very much in progress (and has been for some time).
  • All farms that have had animals testing positive are obviously linked to the original source in the lower South Island.


Our recommendations are:

  • Limit stock movements and ‘mixing’ of stock from other farms where possible.
  • Minimise purchase of stock from multiple farms e.g source bulls from a single breeder instead of five.
  • Purchase of stock from composite herds will have higher risk than purchasing from closed pedigree herds.
  • Ensure people interacting with your farm and livestock are ‘clean on – clean off’, i.e. these people (and equipment) arrive clean and are clean before departing.


Finally, this is an evolving situation. The New Zealand Government is still debating eradication versus control and management. We will update you as the situation progresses.