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Worried about high Non-Return Rates?

November 18, 2018

Every autumn during pregnancy testing we identify empty cows that were thought to be pregnant to A.B.

Now is the time to consider early scanning at 5 to 6 weeks post mating to identify ‘Phantom Cows’ – animals that you believe to be in-calf, but have actually gone silent. There are several theories as to how and why these cows arise. However, crystal ball gazing and pontificating as to the reason, doesn’t help come pregnancy testing time.

Alarm bells should be ringing if your Non-Return Rate is over 65% (or over 50% in cows that have been mated following a Cue-Mate Treatment). Typically we have found 10-15% of cows to be empty when scanned at this stage, but the range can be massive.

Early identification of these cows allows you to consider the option of doing a Synchrony program, which can increase the pregnancy rate from 25% to potentially 60%. Combined with using short-gestation semen, this can give a significant financial return.

Call the clinic now on 07 888 8197 to book Phantom Cow pregnancy tests if your NRR seems ‘too good to be true’.