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Dentistry for cats and dogs

May 23, 2012

Plaque and tartar accumulation are a common finding in our pets and can quickly cause gum infection, tooth root disease pain and infection in the blood stream, heart and kidneys. We believe pets deserve the best in dental care, so provide the best dental services we can.


All of our dental patients are under a full general anaesthetic with intubation to protect their airways from the moisture of the dental procedure. They are placed on a warming pad with warm blankets over their bodies and have monitoring equipment to include pulse oximetry (monitoring heart rate and blood oxygenation), respiratory and blood pressure where needed.


Intravenous fluids are administered using an automated drip pump to ensure accurate fluid administration.


Teeth are charted before and after the dental and photos can be taken to show owners the difference the dental procedure can make.


Pain relief is given in the form of oral nerve blocks, opioids, and post-op non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Antibiotics are given when necessary.


We have a high speed iM3 GS deluxe LED dental cart with an iM3 scaler, which allows our vets to give the safest and most effective dental care available.


After the dental procedure we are able to have a detailed consultation with you to help maintain your pet’s oral health to minimise the need for dental procedures in the future.