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Irritated Ears?

April 20, 2021

Our pets all too often need to visit the vet for irritated ears. The vet needs to look into the ear all the way down to the ear drum, and take a sample to ensure they know what they are treating.

On occasion your vet finds things like grass seeds down inside ears. Most often infections can be found due to yeasts or bacteria. Once the infection “cause” has been identified a specific medication is then prescribed for a set period of time.
It is advised to have your pets ear(s) checked at the end of a treatment course to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Often our pets are prone to getting ongoing ear infections due to underlying sensitivities and skin problems. In these cases it may take a few visits to treat the underlying infections and find the right long term medication to control the flare ups.

It is important to NOT sporadically use old medications in these cases as they will contain antibiotics not needed and increase the likelihood of antibiotic resistance.

Photo cred: istock