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Nigels Adventures in Vanuatu

July 28, 2014

Nigel has made it safe and sound to Vanuatu, as too has his boat, his personal effects, and 2 of his children (visiting already).  He reports his beloved boat is a wee bit worse for wear, being covered in grease from the crane winch on the ship, but has taken her out in open water in 2.5m swells and 20km winds, and says she performed like a dream.  His personal effects are in the country but still tied up in customs so he is still living out of a suitcase.

He was back on the job within days of getting to Vanuatu helping out the local vet, and even mentioned treating a horse or two.  He is already having some adventures, taking the boys out to a little off-shore island last weekend and staying in a guest house.  Lovely white sand beaches to themselves,  giant clams everywhere and some pretty big turtles seen while out snorkelling.

So it sounds like Nigel is enjoying himself and is fast becoming a local.