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Welcome Dr Lyle

October 13, 2015

GlenBred would like to welcome Dr Sara Lyle – Animal Reproduction Specialist

We are very fortunate to have Professor Sara Lyle join the GlenBred team from the USA. Dr Lyle completed her veterinary degree and Masters program in Theriogenology at the University of Florida and recently completed her PhD at Louisiana State University (LSU) focused on immunological and endocrinological aspects of pregnancy. Dr Lyle was an Associate Professor at the LSU Veterinary School and has recently joined the team at North Carolina State University with her two dogs, Sammy and Gracie. These two veterinary schools have the strongest reproduction departments in the USA.

Dr Lyle is the president of the Amercican College of Theriogenelogists. She gives presentations on canine reproduction to veterinarians and breeders all over the USA and internationally. Dr Lyle has published extensively in peer reviewed journals and text books and is a world renowned speaker at many international conferences in Veterinary reproduction.

Dr Lyle is an expert in all areas of veterinary reproduction but has a special interest in canine reproduction with extensive experience in artificial insemination and semen collection and freezing. In fact, TCI has been the method of AI at LSU for many years.

Sara still has time for herself though, enjoying fishing, riding, and running (well, her dogs enjoy it when she runs). Dr Lyle brings a wealth of experience to the team and we are all very much looking forward to working with her.